A downloadable game for Windows

Free Java Game made on Fatec Carapicuiba

create by Daniel Minoh Giampaulo(sound designer and game designer),

Matheus Aguilera Braga (game developer and game tester) and

Muller Pereira Castro (game artist and UI artist)

the game have bugs but less than Ubisoft games


Space Virus.jar 16 kB
recursos.rar 14 MB
Space Virus-Final.rar 14 MB

Install instructions

Instructions and troubleshooting:

1) Leave the application Space Virus.jar always not the same directory as the resources folder;

2) Click to enter the game, close the application and open again;

3) Do not click on the screen during a game play or move the screen as it can cause bugs

4) At times, a song can stop. If this happens, repeat step 1.

The Game not will work without the 'recursos',the game its on Portuguese but its easy uses the interface

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