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TR4-UM4, an android created by the government of Russia to be the main key in stealth missions, with the adaptability 
given by its neural network 
and various functions applied to its cyber body.
The plan would be to evolve the logic of the android and
 use it to craft strategies of infiltration, the android then begins to receive constant 
lessons on various subjects and languages and is taught to seek their own knowledge in light 
or any other source they can , Over time the android becomes self-taught and its evolution becomes 
rapid and constant, but after days of reading about the deeds of mankind, TR4-UM4 comes to the conclusion
 that the human race and its evolution have reached a static and So a new race must populate the world 
and bring prosperity to its inhabitants, with this in mind the android decides to gradually wipe out all 
humanity and populate the planet with other adaptive machines in order to bring a new evolution to the world.
W, S, A, D = Move
C = dash ! DASH !
Espaço = jump on Cube form
F = Kill if you are close


Conheça o time de desenvolvimento,historia em português e instruçoes 1 kB
x86.rar Working 12 MB
Angustia.wav 4 MB
Chilling.wav 4 MB
Metropolis.wav 4 MB

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the Conheça o time its to Portuguese people

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